Welcome to the HCK Family

Sheila Lynch

Manager of Operations

Manager of Operations Sheila Lynch is a master of the schedule, has managed 3 facilities over her 25-year New York City post production career, and is a founding member and leader of HCK.  Affectionately known as “The Irish,” she takes the same exceptional care of her work family and clients as she does her family at home.

Keith Shapiro

Director of Finishing

At the helm of HCK is Director of Finishing Keith Shapiro, a 35-year New York City post industry veteran.  He's managed multiple Academy, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, Tribeca, and Sundance Award-winning projects. You can find him with his cell phone stuck to his ear or at his second home, Starbucks.

Senior Colorist and Online Editor

Over the past 30 years Rick Broat has been the Senior Colorist and Online Editor at several leading post production facilities in New York City.  The Senior Colorist launching HCK, he's color corrected and edited countless award-winning documentaries, television series, concerts and music specials.  Outside of the edit room you’ll find him paddling around The Hudson in his kayak, and if you bring him a bottle of hot sauce, you’ll have a friend for life!


Jon Fordham

Senior Colorist and Online Editor

Jon’s career has taken him from San Francisco to Los Angles, to Paris and for many years, New York. HIs many academy award nominated and winning documentary films are just part of his nearly 40 years in post production. Jon has color graded and finished festival winning narrative films, orchestral concerts for the Pope, commercials, programming for children, sports, and news. When he can, Jon river rafts on some of the most challenging white water found in America. He has also been an actor and cook in a french restaurant.


Bob Barzyk

Director of Audio Services

In January 2019, HCK launched their Audio Post Production division with Director of Audio Services Bob Barzyk steering the way!  He has been the VP of Post Production, Lead Editor & Sound Mixer for the past 25 years at some of the leading Post Production facilities in the US.  Bob has guided the post production teams for numerous on-site sporting events such as The Olympics to full-service post production of many reality, variety, game shows, and countless television programs.


Senior Re-Recording Engineer

Paul Furedi is a 27-year veteran of the New York audio post-production and music scene. Over the years he's worked on literally hundreds of television shows, from silly cartoons to hard-hitting documentary films; from restoring classic music performances to bringing audio magic to award-winning children's programming.

He's spent years polishing live concert and comedy specials, cooking shows, and avant-garde animation. Paul is passionate about all kinds of music and enjoys online gaming.


Bahron Thomas

Senior Conform Editor

Senior Conform Editor Bahron Thomas has been a team member for 17 years.  He's a master of configuring any system and a quality control aficionado. Bahron is a passionate writer, spiritual being, a Star Wars connoisseur, and never misses Comic Con!


Brian Monaghan

Sound Mixer

As a music producer first and film student second, the post production audio world seemed like the right fit. Under the likes of Bob Barzyk and Paul Furedi, that assertion could not be more true. Brian is passionate about all forms of audio and is looking forward to having his Birthday in the Dolby Atmos studio.


Colorist Ian Heifetz joined the HCK team in 2019.  With a decade of experience as a Video Engineer, Editor, and Coding expert, he brings new insights and perspectives to the team about new and future technologies.  When he's not sitting at the console color grading, you can find him drinking coffee, and coding apps.


Javier Chorrillos

Senior Assistant Editor

Senior Assistant Editor Javier Chorrillos has been an integral part of HCK parent company MPE for the past 13 years.  He fit perfectly into the HCK team, and has grown in leaps and bounds technically with the guidance of HCK Senior Conform Editor Bahron Thomas.  Javier is always cool, calm, & collected with a smile on his face, and loves spending time with his family, playing video games, and listening to music.

Alexa Lamantea

Post Production Coordinator

Post Production Coordinator Alexa Lamantea is very happy to join HCK!  Most recently part of the production crew for a few PBS documentaries, she brings a fresh young vibe to the veteran team!  When she’s not at the facility you can find her relaxing at home watching an old Cary Grant film and in B&W!